B&B Corporate Holdings, Inc. is the holding company incorporated in 1995 to consolidate B&B Cash Grocery Stores, Inc., Handy Food Stores, Inc. and University Plaza Associates, Inc. B&B Cash Grocery Stores, Inc., the original company, is an eighty-six (86) year old company co-founded by C.C. Bever, Sr. and his parents in 1923. B&B is now managed by J. Andrew Bever, Jr., the fourth generation family member, who has been President and Chief Executive Officer since 1994.

The company is privately-owned with two operating divisions. The company’s real estate division owns and manages twenty-four (24) commercial properties and twenty (20) convenience stores operating under the name of Handy Food Stores. All Handy stores sell gasoline. All properties and operations are located in central and southwest Florida.

The real estate division manages approximately one million sq. ft. of retail shopping space and currently maintains an 80% occupancy rate. The real estate division’s 150 tenants lease a variety of store footprints ranging from 1,000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft